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caregivercare‧giv‧er /ˈkeəˌɡɪvə $ ˈkerˌɡɪvər/ noun [countable] American English  MNsomeone who takes care of a child or sick person
Examples from the Corpus
caregiverAs I discussed earlier, we also need to increase the continuity of relationships between adult caregivers and children.But it was also because caregivers were reluctant, sometimes for good reason, to bear bad news.As patients are sent home sooner and sooner, families are thrown into the role of caregivers.Often caregivers find it hard to understand this balance.Doctors say the children have difficulty bonding because they have never formed an attachment to one caregiver.Then, says Sicher, the caregiver can be like an addictive drug to the child.We are still the caregivers of the very young and the very old.Equally important is how a baby communicates back to caregivers and the world at large.
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