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caretaker manager/government/boss etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaretaker manager/government/boss etccaretaker manager/government/boss etca manager, government etc that is in charge for a short period of time until another manager or government is chosen caretaker
Examples from the Corpus
caretaker manager/government/boss etcThey sought extra-parliamentary means to oust Chavalit, establish a caretaker government and hold a new election.A caretaker boss is expected to be named today.And caretaker boss Barrow said he was a little disappointed at not taking three points!In the meantime, his assistant, Mr Ronnie Moran, would act as caretaker manager.A player representation, led by caretaker manager Edwin Stein, received a rapturous welcome.All three parties undertook to support the caretaker government until the elections.The caretaker government had earlier introduced new laws increasing the penalties for election offences.
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