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cariboucar‧i‧bou /ˈkærəbuː/ noun (plural caribou) [countable]  caribou.jpg HBAa North American reindeer
Examples from the Corpus
caribouHe noticed that frozen fish and caribou meat tasted as good frozen as fresh.The plan is designed to provide more caribou for hunters; hunting of the Delta herd has been banned since 1991.Neither reindeer nor caribou have benefited much, since for them lack of forage is the problem.So why was he fired for putting a chart of caribou calving areas on the internet?These are moccasins made of caribou.Attempts to reintroduce caribou, in a country now more suitable for deer or moose, have not been all that successful.Both animals were damaged by resultant hybridization, the reindeer becoming wilder and the caribou weaker.How did the caribou first find their winter refuge?
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