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caringcar‧ing /ˈkeərɪŋ $ ˈker-/ ●○○ adjective  1 LOVEthinking about what other people need or want and trying to help themcare a warm and caring man a caring attitude The school aims to provide a caring environment.see thesaurus at kind, sympathetic2 MN[only before noun] involving the job of looking after other people Many of the caring professions are badly paid. More men are taking on a caring role.
Examples from the Corpus
caringThe guidance emphasises that restraint should be used as a last resort within a caring and disciplined home environment.I couldn't ask for a more caring and loving bunch of people.It is possible for men to be tough and at the same time, caring and sensitive.a caring familyThe defence solicitor, Jack Gowans, said Ballantine has a drink problem but is a kind, intelligent and caring man.Sharon was lucky to have such caring parents at a time when she needed help.Just because a family has money does not guarantee that the children have responsible and caring parents.Roger's a warm and caring person.In addition, unmarried women carers are more likely than either married women or men to be carrying particularly heavy caring responsibilities.This is a development of some importance for the evolution of integrated caring services in the community.Communication within the caring team, and the formation of nursing care plans, ensures continuity of patient care.caring roleFamily relationships were also felt to suffer, with l6 carers specifically mentioning the friction and tension caused by their caring role.These ties bear hardest on those who tend to accept moral responsibility for caring roles.We must not do anything to discourage people from taking on that caring role.In this instance, the caring role of the learner may well interfere with the task of adequately learning the language.
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