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carnationcar‧na‧tion /kɑːˈneɪʃən $ kɑːr-/ noun [countable]  HBPDLGa flower that smells sweet. Men often wear a carnation on their jacket on formal occasions.
Examples from the Corpus
carnationThey loaded me with branches of lemons and bunches of stocks and carnations - overpoweringly sweet.I had sent her a few carnations from Skuytercliff, and I was astonished.He is wearing his carnation again, and he could not possibly carry himself more erect.Just then the first volley of rockets explodes into three enormous green-and-red carnations.My father's favourite flowers were dark-red carnations.Use scissors to cut the carnation stem lengthwise into three.The main room was awash with bowls of pink and white carnations, the sweet, peppery scent filling the room.
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