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carouselcar‧ou‧sel (also carrousel American English) /ˌkærəˈsel/ noun [countable]  1 carousel.jpg especially American EnglishDL a machine with wooden horses on it that turns around and around, which people can ride on for fun2 TTAthe moving belt that you collect your bags from at an airport
Examples from the Corpus
carouselIn the park is a children's playground with a carousel.The Balboa Park carousel already has outlived its creators and most of its own history.The Lift spun beneath him like a sickening carousel ride.Waiting for it at the carousel has got to take less time.Clearly, in order to save some money, the carousel has been set up in downtown Oslo, about ten kilometres away.I was grateful when the rucsacs appeared on the carousel.The carousel turns around while the horses go up and down.One company has set up a full-size working carousel to draw a crowd.
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