Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old North French
Origin: cariage, from carier; CARRY1


car‧riage S3

vehicle pulled by horse

[countable]TTB a vehicle with wheels that is pulled by a horse, used in the past


[countable] British EnglishTTT one of the parts of a train where passengers sit [= car American English]

movement of goods

[uncountable]TT British English formal the act of moving goods from one place to another or the cost of moving them:
Canals were originally built for the carriage of coal.
It costs £45.50 including carriage.

machine part

[countable]T a moving part of a machine that supports or moves another part:
the carriage of a typewriter

position of body

[uncountable] formal used when describing the position of someone's body as they walk, stand, or sit:
her graceful carriage

for moving heavy objects

TT [countable] something with wheels that is used to move a heavy object, especially a gun

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