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carriagewaycar‧riage‧way /ˈkærɪdʒweɪ/ noun [countable]  British EnglishTTR one of the two sides of a motorway or main road, for vehicles travelling in the same direction the northbound carriageway of the M1 dual carriageway
Examples from the Corpus
carriagewayHe united the two offices into one neo-classical building with a carriageway running between them.Both carriageways were closed for eight hours causing huge tailbacks.Every major road out of the centre had its tramway running up the centre of a dual carriageway.Local consultation on the road which would be dual carriageway, with a possible extension is due to end next week.The accident happened on a busy dual carriageway when the transporter hit a grass verge and landed on top of one of the cars.That involves building one whole new carriageway at the side of the existing motorway.Just at that moment he saw the exit from the Westway and swung off the raised carriageway.This is on a dangerous bend where pedestrians have to walk on the carriageway.
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