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carry the can (for somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarry the can (for somebody/something)carry the can (for somebody/something)BLAME British English informal to be the person who has to take the blame for something even if it was not their fault, or not their fault alone He has been left to carry the can for a decision he didn’t make. carry
Examples from the Corpus
carry the can (for somebody/something)In the Army some one has to carry the can.It wasn't their fault, usually, that the firm was doing badly, but they had to carry the can.In the unlikely event of trouble they would understandably not want to carry the can alone.Only I had to carry the can for it.Just her to carry the can, the prerogative of natural leaders of men.He carried the can with him into the bathroom where he stripped off his clothes and turned on the shower.
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