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carvercarv‧er /ˈkɑːvə $ ˈkɑːrvər/ noun [countable]  AVSsomeone who carves wood or stone
Examples from the Corpus
carverThere is no written account of the intentions of a carver or painter of the ancient Black Virgins.Also patron of kings and carvers.Whether or not Hugo was a wall-painter, the records of his activities as carver and manuscript painter attest to his versatility.The $ 65 doves are painted in a weathered white finish and are made by a decoy carver in Virginia Beach.For example, ivory carvers and stone vase makers worked in premises along the Royal Road in Knossos.The craft of the ivory carvers has attracted more attention.As a novice carver I found the MAC650 very useful for controlled shaping of curved pieces with flowing lines.And one who has arguably the toughest brief of all the carvers at the palace.
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