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carvingcarv‧ing /ˈkɑːvɪŋ $ ˈkɑːr-/ noun  1 [countable]AVS an object or pattern made by cutting a shape in wood or stone for decorationcarve2 [uncountable]AVS the activity or skill of carving something
Examples from the Corpus
carvingAt one time, I had a few carvings in a corner, away from the meat, but no one noticed them.Fetchero loves bluebirds, and his carvings of these birds look as though they could fly.Only the water itself, its wildly fluctuating level carving a swathe of devastation along the shore, betrays the deception.He already trains apprentices, and now welcomes any potential carving students.As with any form of power carving, safety raises its cautious head, especially when using the silver burrs.With a sharp edge this method of power carving offers a degree of control more difficult to achieve with conventional carving techniques.Madsebakke - unique iron Age rock carvings.He was indeed a carpenter, and spent his spare time carving small wooden toys for his children.
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