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cash box

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcash boxˈcash box noun [countable]  BTa small metal box with a lock that you keep money in
Examples from the Corpus
cash boxClinic raided: Burglars stole about £100 from a cash box at the clinic in Zetland Street, Northallerton.Phone cash goes Thieves broke into a cash box in a telephone kiosk at Braintree railway station and stole about £300.The imprest would also be £3.77, so that the petty cash box contains £20 for the next day.Responsibility for the photocopier cash box. 9.Jewellery has always been the Arabian woman's cash box.Possibly somewhere between 1901 and the present, Bobsworth had been caught with his hand in the cash box.They were arrested three weeks later in Liverpool when they were again seen to remove the cash box from a kiosk.
From Longman Business Dictionarycash-boxˈcash-box noun [countable] a small, strong box for keeping cash in
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