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cashlesscash‧less /ˈkæʃləs/ adjective  BFdone or working without using money in the form of coins and notes a cashless pay system the cashless society
Examples from the Corpus
cashlessIn the staff restaurant, an interesting feature is the cashless Girovend system.Employees will no longer be able to opt out of cashless pay systems.But they did not earn a separate wage, they lived in effect in a mainly cashless society.a cashless transaction between two banks
From Longman Business Dictionarycashlesscash‧less /ˈkæʃləs/ adjective [only before a noun]BANKING a cashless system works without any money in the form of notes or coins being given from one person or company to another, for example by the use of BANK TRANSFERs or CREDIT CARDsEmployees will no longer be able to opt out of cashless pay systems.American Express has a strong core business because the cashless society is an unstoppable trend.
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