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cassettecas‧sette /kəˈset/ noun [countable]  1 TCRa small flat plastic case containing magnetic tape, that can be used for playing or recording sound2 TCPa closed container with photographic film in it, that can be fitted into a camera
Examples from the Corpus
cassetteWith a fully-charged battery in place, the blank cassette can be loaded for recording.Osmone I is available as a small impregnated cassette which lasts for six months.It is much better to buy a naked C64 and one of the superior independent cassette players such as Mills Associates' Load-It.The best part of the magazine is the wide-ranging review pages of cassette compilations, demos, flexi discs and singles.The organisation Relaxation for Living offers cassettes and classes, in some areas of the country.Assemble edits are made much easier if the camera-originals are all shot on one cassette.Finch ejected the cassette, peered at it, replaced it and tried again.It was very much later that evening when she remembered the cassette.