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cast a shadow/cloud over something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcast a shadow/cloud over somethingcast a shadow/cloud over somethingliterarySPOIL to make people feel less happy or hopeful about something The allegations cast a cloud over the mayor’s visit. Her father’s illness cast a shadow over the wedding celebrations. cast
Examples from the Corpus
cast a shadow/cloud over somethingIt can not be denied, however, that Ramsey's death cast a shadow over all our activities.They cast a shadow over his meeting yesterday in the state capital, Chandigarh.And Dexter tried to calm his faint resentment against her for casting a shadow over his optimistic mood.But even should he reappear tomorrow looking hale and hearty, his long absence will have cast a shadow over his position.But this has cast a shadow over the College.Show jeopardy: Langbaurgh's budget economies have cast a shadow over the future of East Cleveland's annual show.Without the money ... it could cast a shadow over the future of student theatre in Oxford.Armagh's injury worries cast a cloud over their preparations and Fermanagh could mount a smash and grab raid this time.
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