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cast a vote/ballot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcast a vote/ballotcast a vote/ballotVOTE/ELECTto vote in an election Barely one in three will bother to cast a ballot on February 26th. To qualify, candidates must get at least 10% of the votes cast. casting vote cast
Examples from the Corpus
cast a vote/ballotI had to assert the authority of my casting vote.Its voters first cast ballots by mail on a state housing initiative in 1993.In 1996,8, 605 people cast votes for mayor, including 6,570 for Owens.Just four Republicans cast ballots for some one other than Gingrich, six short of the number needed to block his selection.The deadline for casting votes is February 1,2001.The majority of eligible voters said they would rather not cast ballots, leading to the worst percentage voter turnout since 1924.Those who do are forced to cast a vote of questionable worth.They can not accept that I should cast votes on their behalf without first asking each of them what they think.
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