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cast doubt(s) on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcast doubt(s) on somethingcast doubt(s) on somethingUNCERTAINto make people feel less certain about something Her documentary casts serious doubt on Gilligan’s conviction. cast
Examples from the Corpus
cast doubt(s) on somethingBoth studies cast doubt on individuals' awareness of tax changes and therefore suggest a low labour response.But this very silence casts doubt on Mancini's central point that the council actually voted down the king's expressed wishes.Some are oversensitive, which leads to annoyance and casts doubt on readings which might not be inaccurate.A foot abscess had cast doubts on the colt's participation in the Epsom Classic on Wednesday week.Journalists and diplomatic sources, however, cast doubt on the government's version.To cast doubt on the importance of production is thus to bring into questIon the foundation of the entire edifice.That, the authors conclude, casts doubt on the refuge hypothesis.This casts doubt on the suggestion that Asclepiodatus was also responsible for the shorter prologue of Lex Salica.
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