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cast iron

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcast ironˌcast ˈiron noun [uncountable]  HCMa type of iron that is hard, breaks easily, and is shaped in a mould
Examples from the Corpus
cast ironEach side has a cast iron arch in 7 segments from which the iron trough is hung by 35 wrought iron rods.It looked like a cast iron person whose head had been cut off.They were heavy consumers of iron, cast iron and steel.Columns of cast iron doubled as drainpipes and supports for the ceiling, which had domed skylights.The first telephone boxes were designed by Sir Giles Scott in 1935, they were made of cast iron.Start with a five-hundred pound piece of cast iron sitting on the floor.Two tons of cast iron or more.Left: Combine heating and cooking with traditional cast iron stove style.
cast-ironˌcast-ˈiron adjective  1 a cast-iron excuse/alibi/guarantee etc2 HCMmade of cast iron a cast-iron frying pan
Examples from the Corpus
cast-ironHis budget is a cast-iron commitment.Le Creuset enamelled cast-iron dishes are famous for their hardwearing good looks.They also hope to renovate an old, cast-iron elevator at a cost of $ 300,000.There was mayhem as shrapnel rained down on shoppers from devices placed in cast-iron litter bins less than ten yards apart.The unit is made in stainless steel and has cast-iron pan supports with removable drip trays underneath.Before long I had rejoined the tribe, swaying shoulder to shoulder with them as I thumped on a cast-iron pan.A whitewashed loft with sanded floors and cast-iron pillars.Pour about inch of oil into a deep, heavy cast-iron skillet and preheat until hot but not smoking.a cast-iron skillet
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