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cast your mind back

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcast your mind backcast your mind backliteraryREMEMBER to try to remember something that happened in the pastcast your mind back to Cast your mind back to your first day at school.cast your mind back over He frowned, casting his mind back over the conversation. cast
Examples from the Corpus
cast your mind backAgain, more in control of matters, he cast his mind back.He racked his brains, he cast his mind back.Cast you mind back a few weeks to the Athletics Championship in Armagh.Lisa, if you cast your mind back, I think you'll recall that it was your idea.He frowned, casting his mind back over the conversation they had held.He cast his mind back to his homecoming earlier that evening.I cast my mind back to our excited departure from Gatwick airport.Henry cast his mind back to the fateful evening.Let us cast our minds back to the referendum.
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