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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcastawaycast‧a‧way /ˈkɑːstəweɪ $ ˈkæst-/ noun [countable]  ALONEsomeone who is left alone on an island after their ship has sunk
Examples from the Corpus
castawayCarwyn seemed like a castaway on a desert island.Ramsay has likened the situation in many towns to that of a castaway on a tropical island.Essentially, Hannah was a castaway of life.Alvin Sharpes had a deep and endless collection and I began to draw from his castaways.Day and night are compressed into an eight hour day, so you see everything our castaway hero can get up to.One by one, as the castaways died, their colleagues stacked the corpses in barrels.Her friends begged her to wear one of their castaways, but the stoic Eleanor refused.She has been rescued by a young castaway named Vicki.
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