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castercast‧er, castor /ˈkɑːstə $ ˈkæstər/ noun [countable]  1 TDa small wheel fixed to the bottom of a piece of furniture so that it can move in any direction2 British EnglishDFU a small container with holes in the top, used to spread sugar, salt etc on food syn shaker American English
Examples from the Corpus
casterKenardington and Warehorne for roach and odd bream on pole and caster.While the swiss roll is cooking, dust a large sheet of greaseproof paper with plenty of caster sugar.In this case I begin with two on a 16, and if necessary go down to one caster on an 18.Beat the Ricotta and Mascarpone together until soft, add the caster sugar and beat until fluffy. 3.Add the caster sugar, if using, and sufficient water to cover, then poach until tender but not too soft.It will surround the caster and any unit they are with with a shield of intense coldness.Grease four small soufflé dishes with the butter and sprinkle with caster sugar. 6.
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