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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcastorcast‧or /ˈkɑːstə $ ˈkæstər/ noun [countable]  XXanother spelling of caster
Examples from the Corpus
castorElsie and Edith Port were so alike that Jennie dosed the wrong one with her cure for all ailments - castor oil.It seems to me that I wore glasses before I wore zinc and castor oil cream.Caffeine enemas are given four hourly, as well as castor oil - orally or by enema - to aid detoxification.Add semi-concealed castors for easy manoeuvrability.Thatcher diktats do not simply slide down the Cabinet table like castor oil.The goods actually supplied consisted of copra cake combined with a quantity of castor oil, the latter being poisonous to cattle.If your equipment has to go outside on open roads or gravelled surfaces, remember castors are not always suitable.And that would get us back to castor oil and the secret police.
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