Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: casuel, from Late Latin casualis, from Latin casus; CASE1




relaxed and not worried, or seeming not to care about something:
a casual manner
His eyes were angry, though he sounded casual.
Marsha was quite casual about appearing on TV.
She had a casual attitude to life.

not formal

DCC not formal or not for a formal situation [≠ formal]:
Jean felt more comfortable in casual clothes.
a casual jacket


BEC employed as a temporary worker or working for only a short period of time:
casual labour
staff employed on a casual basis
Chris has occasional casual work but mostly he is unemployed.


knowing someone or having sex with someone without wanting a close relationship with them [≠ serious]:
She will never be more than a casual acquaintance.
They had been conducting a casual affair for years.
John just wanted casual sex.

without attention

without any serious interest or attention:
He gave us a casual glance as he walked by, but didn't stop.
To the casual observer (=to someone who is not looking carefully) Mary seemed quite calm.

not planned

[only before noun] happening by chance without being planned:
a casual conversation
He made some casual remark (=one without thinking much about it) about her holiday.

not regular

[only before noun] doing something or using something sometimes but not regularly or often [= occasional]:
a casual drug user
The museum is of great interest, both to experts and to casual visitors.
casually adverb:
'Where do you work?' she asked casually.
He walked down the road, casually swinging his bag.
casualness noun [uncountable]

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