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cat's cradle

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cat's cradleˌcat’s ˈcradle noun  1 DG[uncountable] a game you play by winding string around your fingers to make different patterns2 [singular] a set of lines, threads etc that form a complicated pattern The searchlights wove a cat’s cradle of light.
Examples from the Corpus
cat's cradleA flashlight showed the creature roaring, teeth entangled in a cat's cradle of rope.But not for long, for they make another pledge by tying themselves together in a cat's cradle.Webs of dust made a cat's cradle about the space.The boy stroked the girl's side, twisting the walkman lead around his fingers in a one-handed cat's cradle.I sat on my cot, playing cat's cradle with handcuffs, and kept quiet.Gazzer looked down into that cat's cradle of turning metal.As the drop-ship yawed away, fleeing, a hem of the cat's cradle dipped towards it.
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