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catalystcat‧a‧lyst /ˈkætl-ɪst/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 HC technical a substance that makes a chemical reaction happen more quickly without being changed itself2 CAUSEsomething or someone that causes an important change or event to happencatalyst for They hope his election will act as a catalyst for reform.catalytic /ˌkætlˈɪtɪk◂/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
catalystThe town acts as a catalyst for social development producing new cultural orientations among its residents.Forbes, speaking by telephone, promoted his flat tax plan as a catalyst for economic good times.John was a catalyst who gave them the exposure.It would usually start with three or four of the top players serving as catalysts.But low hydrogen yields and poisoned catalysts soon had these systems grinding to a halt.That training was the catalyst bringing together many of the negative elements of the law as practiced today.The catalyst for her new ensemble was undoubtedly her 1987 marriage to her fellow troubadour Mr David Stewart.catalyst forThe women's movement acted as a catalyst for change in the workplace.
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