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catarrhca‧tarrh /kəˈtɑː $ -ˈtɑːr/ noun [uncountable] British English  MIan uncomfortable condition in which your body produces a thick liquid that blocks your nose and throat After a cold, many patients complain of persistent catarrh.
Examples from the Corpus
catarrhChilly, always taking colds which cause catarrh and sneezing; from every change in the weather.This is helpful to those who suffer from catarrh or sinus congestion.What kind of private life could be imagined for this dried-up bundle of chilblains and nasal catarrh?With nasal catarrh of some duration there may be loss of smell or taste.To relieve catarrh, chew raw garlic.Elimination: problems may manifest as constipation, fluid retention, congested skin, catarrh. 4.There is a characteristic pain from the sternum to the back with the catarrh and the cough.Respiratory system Runny or congested nose, constant sore throat, catarrh or post-nasal drip, difficulty in breathing, hyperventilation.
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