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catch a glimpse of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatch a glimpse of somebody/somethingcatch a glimpse of somebody/somethingto see someone or something for a very short time Fans waited for hours at the airport to catch a glimpse of their idol. catch
Examples from the Corpus
catch a glimpse of somebody/somethingHe caught a glimpse of a pinup calendar above a dressing table, some bars of Lifebuoy soap.In the warm yellow light of the dining car windows I caught a glimpse of a woman raising a wine glass.Back on the main road, Robert caught a glimpse of Aziz the janitor.Many had waited for hours to catch a glimpse of him.Sometimes I had caught glimpses of his shadow on the wall.As they rode cautiously along, Fenella caught glimpses of movement in between the trees.As she turned to go, Baby Suggs caught a glimpse of some-thing dark on the bed sheet.This year it is different, and well worth catching a glimpse of the latest from the world's car makers.
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