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catch a train/plane/bus

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatch a train/plane/buscatch a train/plane/busON TIMEto get on a train, plane etc in order to travel on it, or to be in time to get on a train, plane etc before it leaves I caught the 7.15 train to London. There’s a train in now. If you run, you’ll just catch it. I have to hurry – I have a bus to catch. catch
Examples from the Corpus
catch a train/plane/busI should be able to catch the 12:05 train.I could catch a bus back into town.After the debate, they dined on hamburgers and talked sports at a local joint before catching a train back to Washington.They returned to their hotel, packed their bags, and left for Penn Station to catch a train for Washington.Kevin catches the bus home on Mondays and Wednesdays.He caught a plane last night.Peter arranged a taxi to Victoria for me to catch a train to Gatwick and the last flight to Edinburgh.Chris and Patrick had caught a train to London and taken a taxi straight to Richie's flat.Maybe she had caught a train to New Rochelle.The second time I caught a bus to the coast.
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