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catch sight of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatch sight of somebody/somethingcatch sight of somebody/somethingto suddenly see someone or something that you have been looking for or have been hoping to see I caught sight of her in the crowd. catch
Examples from the Corpus
catch sight of somebody/somethingI caught sight of Bobby doing bench presses on a Universal machine near the far wall.In that sorrowful but lovely spot, shaded with groves of myrtle, Aeneas caught sight of Dido.He had first caught sight of her riding in a ploughed field beyond the barbed wire perimeter of the air base.Jeopardy's eyes slid to the left and he caught sight of Lucien.The crowd in the barroom had caught sight of Mulcahey and called for him to come in.As they neared James River and caught sight of our gunboats, a cheer went up from each regiment.As she caught sight of the house, Breeze came to an abrupt standstill, nearly falling over her own feet.Meryl caught sight of two female journalists, trendy in jumpsuits, their faces hard and confident.
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