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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatchphrasecatch‧phrase /ˈkætʃfreɪz/ noun [countable]  SAYINGa short well-known phrase made popular by an entertainer or politician, so that people think of that person when they hear it
Examples from the Corpus
catchphraseIt was a catchphrase for national shame now, applicable to virtually every snafu.It's a shame because, to paraphrase Ginola's cringing catchphrase in the L'Oreal ads, she's worth it.His catchphrases like'What a peach of a shot' and 'That's a dream of a pass' are now part of tennis language.In the seventies, it seemed that a light entertainment show on television was not complete without a clutch of catchphrases.The public soon learned to associate the catchphrase 'Ooh, you are awful' with the inimitable Dick Emery.Perhaps heeding the catchphrase of his manager, Malcom Hardee, he failed to show.The catchphrase, after all, is a fixture in an otherwise protean world of television comedy.
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