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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatharticca‧thar‧tic /kəˈθɑːtɪk $ -ɑːr-/ adjective formal  helping you to remove strong or violent emotions a cathartic experience
Examples from the Corpus
catharticClearly, conversations with peers were cathartic.The effect of this activity is cathartic.His cheek brushed hers with a cathartic effect on her senses.And it was the most beautiful and cathartic experience for me.Talking to a counselor can be a cathartic experience.Can it ever be more than a cathartic force, or a soothing distraction?Others include the cathartic process of making amends to the people you have hurt through your addiction.I've cried a lot while lying on that couch and find that the act of crying is a cathartic release.The movie pivots on not one but two such changes, and the result is exhaustingly cathartic, ultimately uplifting.cathartic experienceAnd it was the most beautiful and cathartic experience for me.But I don't set out to impose a cathartic experience on my readers.
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