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cathedralca‧the‧dral /kəˈθiːdrəl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  RRCthe main church of a particular area under the control of a bishop St Paul’s Cathedralcathedral city British English (=one with a cathedral)
Examples from the Corpus
cathedralUpon the impressive foundations that Galileo had laid, Newton was able to erect a cathedral of superb grandeur.But the Commission considers that the role played by music in the worship of parish and cathedral ought not to be confused.Kinks in the tail now and then, like the great square stone fortress cathedral of St Giles.We started with breakfast in St David's, the smallest cathedral city in Britain.There are also a number of gold and silver pieces from the cathedral treasury.The wind moved through the doorless portal of the cathedral.The cathedral has the traditional triforium arcade with two round arches under one larger one per bay and clerestory windows above.He cleared his mind and went farther into the vast cathedral.cathedral cityHis support may have been determined by the presence of Gundovald's army in his cathedral city.Salisbury, quiet cathedral city, the county town of Wiltshire near to which is the village in which Mr Pecksniff lives.We started with breakfast in St David's, the smallest cathedral city in Britain.Within a diocese charity schools were more likely to be found near the cathedral city than in outlying regions.Then it follows a former railway line to Woodhall Spa before crossing fenland on its way to the cathedral city of Lincoln.The cathedral cities of York and Lincoln are both within an hour's drive.
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