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cattlecat‧tle /ˈkætl/ ●●● W3 noun [plural]  HBAcows and bulls kept on a farm for their meat or milk herds of cattledairy/beef cattle20/100 etc head of cattle (=20,100 etc cattle) a cattle rancher
Examples from the Corpus
cattleHe treated Abram well for her sake and Abram acquired sheep and cattle.Some farmers have beef cattle, some for breeding purposes or for showing purposes.If the drought continues, officials fear it could drive cattle producers and farmers out of business permanently.I saved a lot of cattle from dying and a lot of farmers from going on relief.Even grass grows so thinly that cattle can't feed properly.A quarter mile past the cattle guard, you come to a series of three gates.But no one is going anywhere until the cattle move.A Smithfield is a leggy type of collie of the sort that bullock drovers used when working cattle half a century ago.dairy/beef cattleGrass was the main crop with sheep, dairy and beef cattle providing the animal enterprises which utilised the grass.The Western world provides a willing market for forest products, particularly hardwoods and beef cattle.Kale Kale is grown for feeding dairy cattle.These areas are predominantly used to rear hardy beef cattle and sheep which are sold in the autumn to be finished elsewhere.So what you get in cattle like beef cattle you get an extra frame score in adulthood having the whole thing.There is much permanent grass and more dairy cattle than in other parts of East Anglia.A prize of nearly £2,000 for top dairy cattle has encouraged a huge entry of 777 animals, bucking downward national trends.