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catwalkcat‧walk /ˈkætwɔːk $ -wɒːk/ noun [countable]  1 TBBa long raised structure that models walk along in a fashion show syn runway American English2 the catwalk3 TBBDFa narrow structure for people to walk on that is high up inside or outside a building
Examples from the Corpus
catwalkConran has gone so far as ending catwalk exhibitions totally in favour of presentation by video.The three headed along the catwalk, descended a rusty ladder on to the dunes of debris.Cathy Gunn is going down the catwalk in cashmere and has selected Dawson International.Herded by a robed priest, other techs decamped from the catwalks.We sat down on the roof of the catwalk and let our legs dangle.Rostov scanned the platform above for Alexei and saw him finally on the topmost section of the catwalk.Will Katrina make it on the catwalk?The trick was to turn off the instant you stepped on to the catwalk.
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