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caudalcau‧dal /ˈkɔːdl $ ˈkɒːdl/ adjective [only before noun] technical  HBArelating to an animal’s tail
Examples from the Corpus
caudalCervical and caudal alae are flattened wing-like expansions of the cuticle in the oesophageal and tail regions.The caudal, dorsal and pectoral fins are marked with darker stripes.The caudal fin is yellow-brown, and the dorsal spine and long snout are orange.In addition, it has some yellow on the soft dorsal and caudal fins.Cervical papillae occur anteriorly in the oesophageal region, and caudal papillae posteriorly at the tail.The red spots in the caudal peduncle region are one of the unique characteristics of this species.It can be distinguished from all other triggerfish by the forward-pointing black wedge on the caudal peduncle.The first of these is on the snout and the last on the caudal peduncle.
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