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causewaycause‧way /ˈkɔːzweɪ $ ˈkɒːz-/ noun [countable]  TTRa raised road or path across wet ground or through water
Examples from the Corpus
causewayThis club was on a small island off the coast; it was reached by a causeway.Near to them is Lindisfarne or Holy Isle which can only be reached by way of a causeway at low tide.As the road, at this point, was frequently flooded a raised causeway or footpath was built to give access.Not even the rising wind had any power to damp her ardour as she flew along the causeway.The rest he divided, some by the shore road, others by the causeway that led directly to the wharf.Each time we crossed the causeway over to the tiny island of Reine, we paused and photographed.Man, the causeway was jammed in both directions.The causeway near the mill, crossing the creek, is a toll bridge, with tollbooth intact.
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