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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcavernouscav‧ern‧ous /ˈkævənəs $ -ərnəs/ adjective literary  BIGa cavernous room, space, or hole is very large and deep a cavernous dining hall
Examples from the Corpus
cavernousThe models reeling down the catwalks are stick thin, their faces cavernous and bruised, their hair matted.Its cavernous classrooms became silent in 1977 when the school closed.The Ballet and the cavernous, gilt-trimmed Wang are locked in symbiotic, occasionally contentious embrace.There were two cavernous nostrils and Nuadu realised that this was the reason for the hissing whispering voice.As you fall into this cavernous organ and look around, you see that the shot was administered before a meal.Our steps echo over the marble floors, through the cavernous rooms and long galleries.The cavernous rumblings did not continue long; perhaps a score of riders, no more.
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