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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcavitycav‧i‧ty /ˈkævəti/ noun (plural cavities) [countable]  formalHOLE a hole or space inside something Put herbs inside the body cavity of the fish. I have no cavities (=no holes in my teeth).
Examples from the Corpus
cavityIt was a cavity made by the tumbling together of several large boulders, and roofed by the encroaching undergrowth.After closing the caecum with a purse string ligature, the loops of intestine were restored to the abdominal cavity.Divide lemon quarters and garlic cloves equally among cavities.The heart and lungs are located inside the chest cavity.Remove fruit from cavity and use as a garnish.Tuck wings behind back and tuck legs into cavity.Stuff quail cavities with mushroom mixture and skewer shut if necessary.A final glance at the cavity bed reassured her that it looked just as it should.At the same time, the patient should bear the cavity in mind when eating.
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