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cccc /ˌsiː ˈsiː/  1 (carbon copy to) used in a business letter or email to show that you are sending a copy to someone else To Neil Fry, cc: Anthea Baker, Matt Fox2 TMthe abbreviation of cubic centimetre or cubic centimetres a 200 cc engine
From Longman Business Dictionarycccc1 COMPUTINGused on letters, documents, and E-MAILs to show that a copy has also been sent to someone in addition to the person to whom it is addressedTo Neil Fry, cc Anthea Baker, Matt Foxcccc2 verb [transitive] informalCOMPUTING to send a copy of a letter, document, or E-MAIL addressed to one person to another personCan you send a memo to Bill and cc it to the sales team.
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