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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcelebratorycel‧e‧bra‧to‧ry /ˌseləˈbreɪtəri◂ $ ˈseləbrətɔːri/ adjective [only before noun]  CELEBRATEdone in order to celebrate a particular event or occasion Join us for a celebratory drink in the bar.
Examples from the Corpus
celebratoryThis can be infectious in small doses, and her catchy anthem, Finally, is pop at its most celebratory.Whatever had taken place in the banqueting hall after my departure, there was now a genuinely celebratory atmosphere amongst the guests.The celebratory burial of the shoeless waif.The news was such a shock to Mark that he dropped his celebratory drink.The celebratory event will mark the 75th anniversary of the university.Afterward, though, many activists settled back into a celebratory kind of daze.When I got my period, my family made it a happy, celebratory occasion, in their own way.Also, I wanted to address the issue in a celebratory way, to take the fear out of the issue.
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