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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcelebrityce‧leb‧ri‧ty /səˈlebrəti/ ●●○ noun (plural celebrities)  1 [countable]FAMOUS a famous living person syn star a sporting celebrity He’s a national celebrity. We invited a number of minor celebrities (=people who are not very famous).celebrity chef/gardener etcsee thesaurus at star2 [uncountable] formalFAMOUS the state of being famous syn fame
Examples from the Corpus
celebrityNash played in a celebrity golf tournament while in Canada.Mattie reads mainly tabloids and celebrity biographies.You begin to appreciate why Newley has become a rich and famous celebrity playing poor failed nobodies.Camera crews and their front men cruised the available space looking for celebrities to interview.From there it was a short step to instant, if short-lived, celebrity.But many celebrities tirelessly raise money for good causes without fuss.The club is popular with media celebrities and literary types.Six minor celebrities took part in the charity "Big Brother" programme.My celebrity was a mixed blessing.Rich celebrities are allowed to hire good lawyers and get off easy.People waited outside for the chance to see some celebrities.The celebrity he will now enjoy will make that even easier in the weeks ahead.minor celebritiesRon and his wife, Carole, were minor celebrities in the 9: 15 community.
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