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celerycel‧e‧ry /ˈseləri/ noun [uncountable]  celery.jpg HBPDFFa vegetable with long pale green stems that you can eat cooked or uncooked a stick of celery
Examples from the Corpus
celeryTo make lentils, in a medium-sized saucepan, heat oil and saute carrot, onion, and celery until lightly colored.Add mushrooms, carrot, turnip, and celery, and cook for 1 minute.Eastern Promise - cooked, diced chicken, celery and walnuts mixed together with curried mayonnaise. 7.On the peat of Chat Moss near Manchester celery is a special crop.If desired, add nuts, celery, 131 Remove from heat and skim off excess fat.a stalk of celeryRemove the parsley and lovage or celery and lightly process soup in a food processor, or put through a food mill.Add some celery and apple to the shallot dressing and spoon around the guinea fowl terrine.stick of celeryPlace the stem of a stick of celery in some dyed water and leave it for a few hours.If you must have a snack, keep to fruit or a stick of celery.Place a stick of celery across one end of each slice.After all, there's nothing particularly comforting about a cold stick of celery, is there?
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