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cemeterycem‧e‧tery /ˈsemətri $ -teri/ ●●○ noun (plural cemeteries) [countable]  MXa piece of land, usually not belonging to a church, in which dead people are buriedgraveyard
Examples from the Corpus
cemeteryA dozen cemetery companies have sniffed around Hollywood Memorial and then walked away.Though it has more plots than most cemeteries, the story lacks dramatic drive and a true core.But the 57 Mature Harappan graves from the R37 cemetery at Harappa suggest otherwise.And some cemetery supporters have suggested that the industry itself may be persuaded to bail out the Sleeping Ones at Hollywood Memorial.All the crew are buried at Stonefall cemetery, alongside many of their fellow countrymen.He was caught in the end, trying to bury one of the bodies in the cemetery, in a fresh grave.For years after the Cultural Revolution, one survivor told Southern Weekend, no one visited the cemetery where 400 lie buried.The cemetery, which contains graves of men, women and children, covers about 15,000 square yards.
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