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centimecen‧time /ˈsɒntiːm $ ˈsɑːn-/ noun [countable]  PEC1/100th of a franc or some other units of money
Examples from the Corpus
centimeShares of Remy Cointreau traded recently at 28. 90 francs, up 10 centimes.Hashish pills cost about twenty-five centimes a day and there is no evidence that Modigliani took anything else.Under the new system, producers of packaged goods would pay a three centimes levy for each package.
From Longman Business Dictionarycentimecen‧time /ˈsɒntiːmˈsɑːn-/ written abbreviation c noun [countable]FINANCE 0.01 of the main currency unit in some countries, for example Switzerland and Algeria
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