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centre stage

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcentre stagecentre stageATTENTIONif someone or something is centre stage, it has everyone’s attention, or is very important Anne’s sculpture took centre stage at the show. The UN has moved to the centre stage of world politics. stage
Examples from the Corpus
centre stageAs she says herself, this is one lady born to be centre stage.There is a pretty young girl centre stage and a vengeful older woman in the wings.Control of the money supply should occupy centre stage in the conduct of macroeconomic policy.I think the founding father saw to it that no-one else shared centre stage.By day, the Pirates Club takes centre stage with games, activities and competitions - even the parents join in!Cram wallflowers into containers now to be moved to centre stage in late spring.This was Abba's tour de force, a brilliantly structured melodrama which put Faltskog's fragile, emotional vocal centre stage.
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