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centrifugal force

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centrifugal forcecen‧tri‧fu‧gal force /ˌsentrɪfjuːɡəl ˈfɔːs senˌtrɪfjəɡəl- $ senˌtrɪfjəɡəl ˈfɔːrs/ noun [uncountable]  HPa force which makes things move away from the centre of something when they are moving around it
Examples from the Corpus
centrifugal forceDespite the powerful persuasion of such experiences, there is no centrifugal force pushing you outward as the car turns.They have inertia, mass and momentum and obey centrifugal force.Decentralization and its resulting centrifugal force have sent many managers reeling as well.It was Moxie, who was leaning against the wall beside her, seemingly spreadeagled by some centrifugal force.Powers popped his canopy, loosened his harness and was ejected by the centrifugal force.Earlier experiments had compared the Earth's gravitational attraction with the centrifugal force from its own rotation.The centrifugal force is not influenced by temperature. 27.Although it was once carried out by hand, machines using centrifugal force are now used instead.
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