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centurioncen‧tu‧ri‧on /senˈtjʊəriən $ -ˈtʊr-/ noun [countable]  PMAan army officer of ancient Rome, who was in charge of about 100 soldiers
Examples from the Corpus
centurionThe soldiers of the legion are vividly portrayed by three lifesize figures - a centurion, a standard-bearer and a legionary.Each of these buildings once housed a century of eighty men and its centurion.First she posed as a Roman centurion and did a bit of torture.The film was so star-studded that even the great John Wayne, playing a Roman centurion, had only one line.The Roman centurion can return and enforce the evacuation but he can't open up responses.The centurion is also shown to be a compassionate man, for he cares about the health of one of his servants.That nice, young centurion I sent over with the olive oil last week.
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