cer‧tain‧ly S1 W1 [sentence adverb]
1 without any doubt [= definitely]:
I certainly never expected to become a writer.
They're certainly not mine.
it is certainly true/possible etc
It is certainly true that there are more courses on offer.
The girl was almost certainly murdered.
'Not smoking has made a real difference.' 'It most certainly has.'
2 spoken used to agree or give your permission:
'I'd like a beer, please' 'Certainly, sir.'
'Can I come along?' 'Certainly.'

certainly not

spoken used to disagree completely or to refuse to give permission:
'May I go?' 'Certainly not!'

surely, definitely, certainly, naturally, be sure to
Use surely to say that you think something must be true, especially when other people do not agree They should be there by now, surely.Use definitely to say that something is certain to happen or be true I will definitely be back (NOT I will surely be back) by ten. Use certainly to emphasize that something is true He certainly is (NOT surely is) a great cook.Use naturally to mean 'as anyone would expect' They were very late, so naturally I was (NOT surely I was) worried.Use be sure to to say that something is certain to happen If you work hard you are sure to succeed (NOT you will surely succeed).See also surely

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