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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcertifiablecer‧ti‧fi‧ab‧le /ˈsɜːtəfaɪəbəl $ ˌsɜːrtəˈfaɪ-/ adjective  1 informalCRAZY crazy, especially in a way that is dangerous If you ask me, that man is certifiable.2 especially American English definitely a particular thing The guy’s a certifiable megastar.3 especially American EnglishAPPROVE good enough to be officially approved grade A certifiable beef
Examples from the Corpus
certifiableHe would undoubtedly consider her certifiable.Not normal, but not certifiable.There are times when you could send me away and they'd say I was certifiable."The Silence of the Lambs" was a certifiable hit.It was from ridiculous to totally certifiable madness.As a singer, Mr Jackson is a certifiable megastar.Even a certifiable Moon rock that makes its own way to the Earth will be called a meteorite.You'd have to be certifiable to do a bungee jump.Soon, the talk-show producer decides she has not found Mr Right but a certifiable wacko.
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