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chain reaction

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chain reactionˌchain reˈaction noun [countable]  1 technical a chemical or nuclear reaction which produces energy and causes more reactions of the same kind2 RESULTa series of related events, each of which causes the next A sudden drop on Wall Street can set off a chain reaction in other financial markets.
Examples from the Corpus
chain reactionInterstate 35 was closed following a chain reaction crash that involved 93 vehicles.The demise of Woosung could have a chain reaction on other subcontractors relying on a government helping hand, analysts said.In a chain reaction on a world scale, prices on innumerable commodities skyrocketed within weeks.Instability would spread like a chain reaction.The authorities have so far managed to prevent a chain reaction.Bombs in the magazine detonate in chain reaction in a split second.The atom splits, starting a nuclear chain reaction.This is the famous nuclear chain reaction.Products of the chain reaction were fractionated by size in agarose gels to detect the presence of insertions or deletions.
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